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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Pug Boat Pet Care is hiring a part-time Walker/Pet Care Provider to serve the Halifax North, South, and West ends.

Hours: Varies – 2-5hrs/day depending on candidate availability, Monday-Friday, morning and mid-day with occasional, evening, weekend or overnight work as available. Depending on candidate preferences, we might also break the neighbourhoods up to allow for shorter days (better for students) or other scheduling needs.

Pay: Contractual agreement on a per service basis – approx. $45-$102/day depending on contractor availability, scheduling preferences, and future growth in the walker’s service area. Contractors start out at 80% of the Pug Boat service rate with the opportunity for a percentage increase after 1 year.

Duty Description:

· Dog walking (a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 15 dogs per day), with optional occasional boarding in the contractors' and/or clients' home, pet visits, and pet transportation services as needed. All services include any pooper-scooping and minimal pet grooming, such as toweling off wet feet, that may be needed as part of regular services, as well as taking regular photos during services for business use

· Care for the keys and other property entrusted to the contractor’s care

· Maintenance of controlled, safe, and stimulating pack dynamic and walking/visit environment. This includes adhering to the Pug Boat Pet Care service maximum of 6 dogs at any time but may require walking or boarding fewer dogs if 6 cannot be safely cared for or if such services negatively impact the service experience for any dogs

· Regular communication with both the client and Pug Boat Pet Care on scheduling, updates on pet behaviour, and other needs as they arise

· Maintenance of good customer service and the public face of Pug Boat Pet Care, through consistently positive interactions with clients, other business representatives, and members of the public

· Acting as an ambassador for all pet owners and dog walkers in Halifax through maintenance of good pet care practices in all services, including but not limited to consistent pooper-scooping, use of positive/fear-free reinforcement techniques, general friendliness, and obvious control over duties

· Completing training courses as required, from home or in classroom settings


Required Qualifications

18 years or older

Education, in progress or complete, or other experience in a related field, such as animal science, behaviour, dog training, etc

Love for animals and dedication for compassionate, safe, and personal care

Consistent availability from 8am-9am, 8am-12pm, 11am-2pm, and/or 1pm-3pm. This job is part-time but is not casual. Walking schedules are fairly consistent and regular (the same every day) once established. Boarding services are infrequent and open to casual scheduling.

Ability to walk up to 5 hours per day in all weather while ensuring a safe, controlled, and fun group walking environment

Ability to safely and comfortably walk up to 6 dogs at one time, both on and off leash, and taking into consideration other dogs, humans, and other risks and stimuli of the walk environment.

Ability to read animal body language, especially in dogs, and react in controlled ways that promote desired behavioural responses

Ability to secure a criminal record check. For insurance purposes, contractors must not have been previously convicted for theft or fraud

Asset Qualifications

Professional interest in animal care, dog training, or behavioural science. We’re hoping to find somebody who will stay with us long-term, who will grow with the business and help us grow too! Interested in walking, dog training, pet first aid, or other aspects of pet care as a long-term career? We want you!

Ability to offer both walking and boarding services. Boarding services will be conducted in the clients home or your own home. Services conducted in your own home require the environment to be pet friendly, safe for humans and animals, and be available for occasional inspection by Pug Boat Pet Care. Boarding services conducted in the contractors home requires separate insurance, which Pug Boat Pet Care would help set up and fully reimburse, for the length of the service agreement.

Grooming experience or qualifications. Pug Boat Pet Care does not currently offer grooming services but would be open to discussing partnership options.

Photography, graphic design, or similar skills

Familiarity with Halifax North, West, and South end neighbourhoods, including the Hydrostone, Windsor Park, Connaught, Quinpool, Oxford, Inglis, and Downtown areas.

Pet First Aid certification or veterinary experience. Pug Boat Pet Care may require additional First Aid certification and can help pay for the costs of the course if not obtained beforehand.

Access to a safe and reliable vehicle, with the ability to transport animals on rare occasions.


This job would be a great fit for somebody looking to get outside more, who wants to spend more time with their own dog (you can bring them to work!), or who just loves animals. The part-time flexible nature would be a good fit for a part-time student, retiree, part-time morning or shift worker, or military spouse.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Becky via email. We thank all inquiries for your interest but will only be reaching out to those selected for interviews. References will be discussed at the time of the interview.

We hope to have the new contractor start some time between the end of January and early February 2021.

Pug Boat Pet Care @ gmail.com for more about us, PugBoatPetCare.com or @PugBoatPetCare

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