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.U.S. Army Infantryman and first Asian-American commissioned officer, John Magruder Allen was killed during the capture of French forces from Chanzy in July 1918. He was serving as a lieutenant in Company F, 2nd Battalion, 168th Infantry Regiment. During the action, Allied forces discovered 1,200 French troops still entrenched in Chanzy. Allied commanders believed these men could be used to help open a way through the strong French line. However, after the French troops were exhausted from several days of intense fighting, they realized they could not break through the Allied line and began to withdraw. The Allies immediately moved forward in support of this withdrawal. As the French forces crossed the river, Allen and his men came across the remnants of the French force. Allen went up to the French officer, asked to see his superior and was arrested. Instead of surrendering, the French officer shot him and his men began firing on the British forces. As the French troops began to regroup, the British forces counter-attacked and the French forces were dispersed and killed.The Scottish government has set up an inquiry into compulsory personal insurance for road users. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she had called for the inquiry after a horrific accident involving a lorry and a coach. On Saturday, a coach travelling to Dunoon, Argyll, collided with a large articulated lorry while travelling on the A82. Two passengers, including an adult and a child, were killed in the collision and several others were injured. Scotland’s Transport Minister Stewart McDonald has also announced the Scottish government will introduce compulsory insurance on road vehicles from April 1. The government has said the move is aimed at increasing public safety and cutting motor insurance costs. However, there will be exemptions for those who cannot pay.Thermal imaging cameras are used in a variety of applications, including the monitoring of temperature distributions and thermal profiles of rotating machinery such as an aircraft turbine engine. Thermal imaging cameras are capable of taking images in the visible light spectrum as well as in the infrared light spectrum. In order to provide a high resolution thermal image of a portion of the aircraft engine, thermal imaging cameras use a high gain sensor and a lens system. Unfortunately, as high gain sensors are generally expensive, thermal imaging cameras may require a relatively large price per image in order to be economically feasible. Accordingly, some thermal imaging cameras include a microchannel plate (MCP) assembly. Micro




Misrac2012downloadpdf damiri

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