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Need lots of care?
Our "Regular Client" Discount gives clients who walk 3+ times/week or board 4+ times/month 10% off. Set up an in-home meet to discuss today!



All walks include a water refresh, complimentary treats (diets and special needs pending), and a wipe down for dirty feet and fur if needed. AND, for our human clients, a regular update on what your dog did during their walk either left in your dog's personalized care booklet or sent straight to your phone, including information on who we walked with, what we saw, any behavioural observations, and whether they had a bathroom trip! We also take pictures on our walks so you can see those candid shots of their daily adventures. Walk locations depend on the client's location, the service option, and the dog cohort. We usually have more space for dogs that can be walked on a flex schedule (a mix of on and off-leash) but can accommodate special needs that might necessitate a particular walking environment. 

Not sure where to start? Check out our blog post on different kinds of dog walking services!

Group Walks

1hr                           $24.00

1/2hr                       $22.00

Private Walks

1hr                           $26.00

1/2hr                       $24.00

Puppy Visits

1hr                           $26.00

1/2hr                       $24.00

* Two or more dogs same house = 10% off

* Regular clients (multiple walks/week) receive discounts on weekly or monthly billing, ask us about scheduling possibilities

* Talk to us about shorter or longer walk times and discounts for 2 or more walks/day

* Mileage and/or bridge fees may apply to clients more than 10km outside of our Halifax core

Boarding and Pet Sitting

Some of PugBoat's walkers also offer boarding and pet sitting. At PugBoat we offer flexible boarding services, from visits to daycare to overnight stays. Unless your dog prefers crate sleeping, all PugBoat clients have free roam of your walker's home during their stay, including during sleeping hours. We try to emulate an environment as close to your home as possible while maintaining a safe enjoyable experience for your buddy. We also like to keep them paired with your regular walker for their boarding/sitting services, so they can continue to work on that important bond. All boarding services include at least a 16hr stay, regular walks and pee breaks, and constant love and attention. Your dog is our dog for the length of their stay. For both our canine and feline friends, we offer a flexible boarding location where possible. Typically cats prefer to stay in their own home, with regular visits. Depending on your preference and our walkers' availability, we might be able to offer dog boarding in the walkers' home or sitting in your home. Sometimes in-home sitting is the best option where there are many pets to take care of, if you are only gone a few hours, or if your pet can't be boarded for some reason. Visits are typically a half-hour service and include any needed feedings, playtime, or let outs. Contact us to discuss your pet's unique needs.

Dog Boarding               Short Stay (under 16 hrs, such as daycare or single night stay) - $60/night

                                        Long Stay (over 16 hrs, or multiple consecutive stays) - $70/night

Cat Visits                        $20/visit or $35/day for 2 visits/day

Small Animal Visits      $15/visit or $25/day for 2 visits/day

* Two or more dogs/cats same house 10% off

* Rates are flexible for hours not detailed here. Let us know what you need.

* Discounts available for regular clients (multiple stays/month) and for especially long consecutive stays

* Mileage and/or bridge fees may apply to clients more than 10km outside of our Halifax core

Terms and Conditions

Your pets' health, and those of their buddies, is important to us. All PugBoat clients must have a valid registration and clean bill of health allowing them to participate in our services, verified by your regular vet. We won't work with aversive tools like choke, shock, or prong collars, and may refuse services where they are used frequently at home. Clients must be up to date in all vaccinations and regular preventative treatments required by the province and the others included in the list below. Dogs must be appropriately sociable with other dogs and people for the service rendered. In return, PugBoat promises you quality care for your furry family member.  






Adenovirus and Hepatitis


4-way Leptospirosis






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The PugBoat Crew

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