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The Pug Boat Method

There are lots of different kinds of pet care out there. Here's what sets us apart:

We're small

Some dogs do well in a big daycare with lots of socialization and company; others need smaller groups and more one-on-one human interaction; and many dogs do well with a mix! Our small size allows us to cater our services to your pet and their unique needs. Our walking groups are limited by the individual needs of our clients and the pack dynamic, so that each walk is controlled, safe, and enjoyable for your pet. Our boarding is done in-home, to simulate as comfortable and familiar an environment as possible, and is also limited by the needs of our current clients. So you can rest assured that quality care, not numbers, is our biggest priority.

We use science-based behaviour modification techniques

Positive reinforcement methods make good dogs, and we maintain a strict commitment to positive training techniques that are ethical and science-based.

We are insured and bonded

We are covered by ProFur Insurance for Pet Care Professionals, to make sure you, your pets, and every friend they might meet over the course of a day are taken care of even in the unlikely worst of situations.

Safety is important to us

We care about your pet. To keep them and their friends safe, we require all clients to have up-to-date vaccinations, maintain a biosecurity protocol to reduce the spread of sickness (including simple colds), and maintain a puppy-friendly home environment. Each client has a health record that we update with vet checks yearly, to make sure we're keeping on top of allergies, medications, and any other special needs.

You have 24/7 access

We provide regular updates with photos during all of our services, so you can follow your friend's adventures throughout the day. We are also open 24/7, with flexible scheduling and pick-up/drop-off services for clients in the Halifax core. We can cater to long shiftwork, unpredictable work schedules, and last minute needs. You can reach out any time to talk about care plans, medical updates, or just check in.

We love our clients!

Above all, we are driven by a deep love for all of our furry friends. We want your pet to feel safe, stimulated, and happy while they're with us, and we promise to do everything we can to make you feel the love too!

Interested in learning more? Give us a call or send an email to chat about your special buddy

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